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Q. What kind of services do you offer?
We at sitycare offer five types of family service care from babysitting, pet sitting, senior assistance as well as tutoring and housekeeping

Q.  How can I know that I am getting the best person for the job online?
You can always ensure you get the best person for a specific service by viewing their profile which contains all their certified experience, skills as well as recommendations from other clients

Q. How can I locate a service provider near my area?
You can easily locate a service provider by keying in your search to your respective area and our database will avail you with a list of all potential caregivers near you.

Q.Are your expert service providers located all over the country or just in Texas?
 You can find our service providers all over the country

Q. What kind of service do you provide for the elderly?
When it comes to senior assistance our caregivers can help you with emotional and personal care as well as healthcare and household care/maintenance

Q. Do you offer special care for kids?
Yes we do cater for special needs children in our nanny/babysitting package

Q. What types of foreign languages do your listed tutors offer?
 This often depends on what you are looking for. You can just key in a specific foreign language and see who is available for it

Q. How do I get access to your services?
You can easily get in touch with some of our listed service providers by creating an account at our website, sitycare.com. Remember to register with valid information, no fake accounts or pseudo

Q. What kind of service do you offer for pet sitting?
Sitycare pet services often range from pet walks, pet sitting and boarding as well as grooming and training. But all these depend on what you want

Sitycare is the #1 online platform for finding the best caregivers Nationwide. Our goals is to get you the professional help you need at home, especially when it comes to pet care, babysitting, tutoring as well as senior care and general housekeeping