Why Are Our Children Getting Heavier? — The Five Truths Every Parent Must Know To Get Their Child’s Weight On Track.

Trying to figure out how to keep your child’s weight on track? If yes, you’re not alone — up to 50% of all children in the US are overweight. In fact, kids are getting heavier and heavier by the day and parents have no choice but to look for a way out of the problem. The good thing is, you can find loads of information that addresses the issue of childhood obesity, but as we know, it’s never easy to work with an overweight child. Most parents know exactly what we’re talking about.

However, you’ll be glad to know that things can be a whole lot easier for you if you understand the five truths of getting child’s weight on track.

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Now Let’s explore the Truths!

1. Parents — The Problem and Only Solution

The very first thing you should know is that obese kids overeat and get little to no exercise. That said, parents must agree that they’re the ones allowing their children to eat excessively and sit around all day. Once you understand this, you’ll know how to go about solving the weight problem.

2. Your Child’s Weight Problem Is A Family Issue

It’s incredibly important to see the weight problem as a top priority in the family — there must be sufficient support from all sides. Failure to this can cause the child to feel sad and ashamed, and that’s incredibly bad. The bottom line: be sure to show support so the kids can be aware that they’re a big part of a team that cares about their weight loss goals.

3. Children Need To Learn

Don’t just assume that your children know what kind of foods to eat or how much they should eat at a time. Why? Well, it’s only because they don’t! Yes, the kids understand that overeating is bad and that some foods are healthier than others, but you still need to teach them more. For the most part, you should let them know about the effects of indulging in the wrong foods; more like how it affects their bodies and life as a whole. Once you do this, the children will consciously work towards their ideal weight, and that’s great.

4. Every Child Has An Ideal Weight

It’s also important to note that your child has a normal weight range — it’s typically based on his or her height and age. What’s more, your kid requires a specific amount of calories each day, and it’s crucial to stick with it. The bottom line; get a better idea of your child’s ideal weight range and know how much calories he needs — doing this will go a long way in addressing the weight problem.

5. You Need A Solid Plan

Here’s the thing; it’s never easy to change the eating habits and lifestyle of your children — this is precisely why you need a plan! Remember, the emotional well-being of an overweight child is at stake here. That said, it’s super important to plan for the success of the journey even before starting and most importantly, learn to persevere.

So there you have it! Now you can kick-start the weight-loss journey with your child and anticipate success. Good luck!