Ways How You Can Make Your Child Love Math And Master In Calculus

Calculus. Do not panic. We all know Math is a tough subject, and calculus is supposed to be the, well “principal’s office”. Don’t worry, your kid has still have got some time. There is still time to brush up.

Below I have mentioned some ways to make math exciting for your kid and others out there. Here is all I have learned about encouraging kids to love math.

  1. Purchase online math notes

In order to get something new, something which is not mentioned in your kid’s textbook, purchase online math notes for your kid.

Paul’s online math notes is an interactive website for learning math free of cost. The site was launched by Paul Dawkin, a math professor at Lamar University. It is perhaps the best online site for learning calculus without spending a single penny. It is an interactive textbook. Professor Dawkin’s site includes fairly comprehensive calculus and algebra sections. There are lots of examples, questions; each followed by a complete solution, along with various links attached which take you to different parts of the course.

  1. Watch short videos

Make your kid watch online math lectures in order to catch faster and easier. For example, make them watch Khan Academy’s short video lectures.

Khan Academy is a non-profit run by educator Salman Khan. It is a popular online site, featuring over 6,000 mini video lectures, typically lasting about 15 minutes, along with images from Wikipedia. Apart from videos on math, you can get videos on everything from art history to music and science.

Below each video, you can find a link to the differential calculus set of videos. From basic calculus, you can find integral calculus, or trigonometry or algebra once you visit the site.


  1. Get the best print

If you are looking for something in print, don’t compromise! After all, it’s about your kid and his/her education.

How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide – Amazon

Purchase The Streetwise Guide by Colin Adams, Abigail Thompson and Joel Hass, costing $18.29 on Amazon.com. This book is a great resource; it will definitely teach your kid the best of calculus. The book is written keeping a view of the mind-set of children. Your kid would love studying and would even laugh throughout due to the author’s good sense of humor. It contains some contents which you would not find in other calculus books, like tips for taking calculus exams and so on.