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A Few Things You Might Forget To Tell the Babysitter

In the daily rat race it is easy to forget the little details of our routines.  These routines and information about a child needs are crucial to a successful caregiver/client relationship.  It is important that you give clear and concise directions and vital information to your caregiver.  Here are a few tips of things that are important to communicate.  This is just a few important ones, make sure to write down other unique needs, requirements and wishes.

1.  Bedtime Routine

kid bedtime

Bedtime routines are critical to the wellbeing of your child.  It is important that you fill your babysitter in on what your routines are.  These may range from bedtime stories, lights on or off and sometimes a sleeping companion like a teddy bear.  What are some tricks to help your child wind down before bed?  Do you give them a warm bath? Maybe a midnight snack?  These are all very important for you to communicate with your provider.

2. The Basics of an Outing

You should never assume that your babysitter knows how to handle a baby stroller or even a car seat. So, to be on the safe side, always go through the whole process with them. This will give you peace of mind when you let them go out for some fun time.  Let them know where to find things like jackets, water bottles, and even a spare blanket. Make a check list of things that need to go  and where your babysitter can actually find them.

baby safety

Do you have strict parameters around where they can and can not go on an outing?  If so be sure to let them know.  We also highly recommend that if your babysitter will be transporting your child, purchase a car seat that is to stay in the sitters car at all times.  Make sure that this and all other car seats are professionally installed.

kid safety

Getting out and about is important to maintain an active lifestyle and can be a great way to entertain and teach your child.  With these tips the outtings can be stress free and enjoyable.

3. The Need for A First Aid Kit and Other Emergency provisions.

It is absolutely vital to make sure your sitter has emergency contact information as well as an evacuation plan. In the event that they are unable to get in touch with you, Who do you want them to call?  You should leave a minimum of 3 contacts.  You also need to provide them with information such as your doctors contact info, your insurance plan information, and which hospital you prefer in the event of an emergency.  It is also very important that your sitter has an accurate up to date list of all medications, vitamins, and supplements that your child takes along with the dosage as well as a complete list of allergies.

kid first aid

This information should be posted in several places in your home and we highly reccomend that you make a copy that can be easily kept in the sitters purse, one for the diaper bag and one for the car.   Also keep well stocked first aid kit with instructions on how to use each item in a few places in the house and one in any vehicle your child rides in. Your first aid kit should include Band-Aids, antihystemines, alcohol wipes and antibiotic creams as well as ice packs for bumps and bruises.

4. The 4-1-1 on Your Pets

If you happen to have pets, make sure your babysitter knows how to handle them. You should also let them know the level of contact the pets can have with your kids.

baby kid pets

Give them the 4-1-1 on how to separate and handle the kids and the pets without mixing the two.  You should not turn them into a pet sitter if it was not on the initial employment contract.

5. Location of Spare Key

You should always have a spare key, either at the neighbors or somewhere around the outside of the house. You can also give your sitter one for safekeeping. This will minimize their panic level when they accidentally lock themselves outside, with or without your kids.

spare key


Babysitting can be hard but with the proper rules and guidelines in place you can reduce your anxiety as well as the sitters stress level. Double-check your lists and always communicate important things with your sitter.

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