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What You Should Know About Boarding Your Dog

At When you leave on a vacation somewhere and don’t have anyone to sit for your dogs, the next best thing is to board them. These special dog hotels and boarding places will keep your dog safe and sound until you come back. Boarding your dog might seem like an easy thing to do, but before you do it, here are a few things you should know:

Kennel vs Luxury Boarding

There’s a difference between kennel boarding and luxury boarding. Many vet’s offices offer kennel service for a few days. But vet kennels are really basic. But because they’re so basic, they are cheaper. On the other hand, a luxury boarding kennel is sort of like a doggy hotel. At luxury kennels, dogs are given their own beds, are usually allowed in a play area the majority of the time and so more. Spoiled dogs do better at luxury boarding kennels. They are usually more expensive because they offer more features.

Trust Your Instincts

Your dog is like your baby, so it’s better to trust your instinct when it comes to visiting a potential kennel. If you feel something is off, move on to your next option.

Look At How Clean The Kennel Is

Always be on the lookout for how clean the kennel is. You’ll want to find somewhere that doesn’t smell bad or is very dirty. This is usually a sign that your dog won’t be well taken care of. Look for another option if you see anything dirty.

Indoor/Outdoor Access

An important thing to look for is where will your dog relieve itself and if there’s ample space for them to run around. Not being able to go can cause UTIs, diarrhea, discomfort and constipation. Some kennels won’t walk the dogs and let them go in their kennels.  Your dog’s comfort should be a top priority.

Someone Is Always There

Always ask if a staff member will be there at all times. You never know what might happen and need to ensure that your dog

Things You Should Know About Your Dog Even If You Don’t Want To Talk About It

Deciding on getting a dog is a wonderful decision. Dogs are great pets and will forever be your best friend. You’ve probably dreamed about all the great times you’d have with Fido. But there are so many more things to consider when you get a dog in order to keep your pooch happy and healthy – even things that you probably rather not even think about! Here are a few things you should know about your dog’s health, that’s not really talked about:

  1. Dogs Get Worms

It’s common for your dog to get worms. They can get infected with roundworms after eating worm eggs from stool or soil that’s been contaminated. There are other types of worms that they can get, too, which is why you need to deworm them regularly. Also make sure that you take them to see the vet regularly to have them checked for worms. But you’ll know that they have worms because you’ll see them in their excretions.


  1. Dogs Scoot To Scratch Their Butt

Just as you have itches that you just can’t wait to scratch, so do dogs! But if you see your dog scooting on the floor, it can mean that he’s trying to scratch an inside his anal sac. Inflammation of this area is usually accompanied by a bad odor and maybe discharge. You’ll have to empty the sac. It might also be a good idea to take your dog to the vet just incase there’s an infection and requires antibiotics. Dogs also scoot because of worms, fecal contamination or growth and rumors in the area.


  1. Sometimes Dogs Need To Leave Urine Samples

Sometimes the doctor requires a urine sample from you to check your pee. Well, the same can be requested by the vet, which means you’ll have to figure out how do get your dog’s pee in a vial. The easiest way to do this is to tape a container at the end of a stick and then place it under the region when your dog goes to pee. The vet might need pee samples to check for urinary infections.


  1. Dogs Get Skin Infections

Your dog can suffer from dry skin that’s a result of dietary deficiencies, skin allergic reactions or even improper grooming. But sometimes skin infections can be cause by a manifestation of a parasite called mange. Check with your vet to see if it’s just dry skin or mange, which will need medication.

Although these are things no one talks about, your dog’s health is important so you need to know about these sorts of things!