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Crafts to Make With Kids

DIY Crafts To Make With Kids


One the most fun ways to keep kids busy are with unique and interesting DIY crafts! Not only are DIY crafts together great for kids to use up their creative juices, but the crafting element allows you to bond with them in a very real and positive way. It doesn’t matter if it is raining outside, if the plan is just to stay inside for the day, or if going to the park is on the agenda, DIY crafting is always a great idea.


  • Water Bottle Piggy Bank – Upcycle an old water bottle into something cute and functional with a water bottle piggy bank. All you will need is an old water bottle, some glue, a pair of scissors, and some colored craft paper.
Piggy Banks
Piggy Bank Tutorial –  A Little Tipsy
  • Painted Rock Buddies – Perfect for all ages, painted rocks are not only cute and adorable, but offer up hours and hours of creative fun. All you will need are rocks, a paintbrush, and non-toxic paints.
paint muppet art
How to paint Muppet Rocks – Sandy Toes and Popsicles
  • Indoor Sandbox – Fun and useful, this indoor sandbox is extremely easy to create and fun to play with after. All you will need are items to fill up the sandbox and the sandbox container itself. Kids can use beans, rice, oats, and rocks to fill up their winning sandbox.
indoor sandbox
Rice Table or Indoor Sandbox – Healthy Mama Info
  • Fruit and Vegetable Garden – If there is one thing kids love to do, that is to play in the dirt. Well, let them by helping them create a flourishing fruit and vegetable garden. All you will need for this DIY are fruit and vegetable seeds, dirt, and either the great outdoors or a pot.
Sandbox to Planter Box – Made Everyday with Dana
  • Crayon-Melting Art – While adult supervision is definitely needed, this craft is perfect for little ones to start, and adults to finish. All it takes is canvas, crayons, and a hairdryer to melt the finished product right into a masterpiece.
Melted Crayon Art. My Tutorial. – Savoring the Good