The Dos of Writing a Compelling Sitycare Bio and Profile

Your online Sitycare  profile is what attracts employers to youwhen they are looking for a caregiver in their area. It is like your resume, as it tells the clients more about you from skills, to qualification and even personality. It is the first few words that often catch a potential employers attention.

Always ensure that your Sitycare profile is up to date and concise. It should be informative and represent you in the best way possible. This will make it easier for a client to call you up for an interview.

In case you are lost for words and do not know where to begin, here are a few tips tokeep you ahead of the game.

Do not withhold information on experience and qualifications when setting a Sitycare Bio and Profile

When it comes to caregiving experience and qualifications, always try to include detail about them in your bio. To ensure you get everything right you can answer questions like years of experience, why the interest in caregiving as well as your own personal career. If you are a student looking for a part-time or full-time job include that information as well.  Include things such as  the age range of kids you have experience with and what range your most comfortable with. This will easily peak the interest of a potential client very fast.  If you are fond of senior citizens also says so as caregiving often includes loads of tasks and responsibilities.

Always include your personal hobbies on your Sitycare bio and profile

Give the people an idea of who you are by including things about your interests and hobbies. Your personality and interestes are important when finding a good match for caregiving needs.

Be upfront about your availability and  any restrictions in terms of diet, sleep-time or playtime.  These things are important in deciding if you are the right fit for a job or if a job is the right fit for you.

Always proof read before uploading your Sitycare bio and profile

Do not forget to proof read!  Everything you have written reflects on you as a person and a profession.  It shows that you have an eye for detail and care enough to put in the extra effort. Do not let a simple typo or spelling mistake spoil your entire resume and prevent you from getting your dream Sitycare job.  It is a great idea to put another set of eyes on your work before you publish.  Ask a friend to proof read it and give feedback.  Remember you never get a second chance at a first impression

Pick a profile photo that makes your Sitycare bio and profile pop

When it comes to selecting the perfect photo, try to avoid group shots as well as photos of you in sunglasses or hats as they tend to hide your face. Make it professional and pretty at the same time. Remember to pick a smiley photo as it will attract clients to you and give them a firsthand impression of you.


So, there you have some few tips on how to make your Sitycare bio and profile shine. Sitycare will take care linking you with a potential client. We care for you, but you also have to take care of yourself first.

Tricky Parent/Caregiver Situations and How to Navigate Them

When it comes to building the relationship and bond with your caregiver be it your babysitter, tutor, house help, pet sitter or senior assistance. You have to approach every situation carefully especially when delegating duties as well as ensuring that boundaries are kept and respect maintained.

The key is always communication, listening, maintain a professional stance as well as remaining calm and in control. Caregivers are also people and sometimes they may react to your words in a different way than expected. So, always ensure that you are on the same page on everything before you hire them.

It is not always that easy.  Parents often find themselves in difficult situations with their caregivers. As much as communication is essential you must approach every situation individually.  Let’s take a look at some of the difficulties parent and caregiver often go through together and how you as a parent can solve it without compromising the bond and respect you have with each other.

  1. Your caregiver is not following your wishes

As much as caregivers have the experience and qualifications to work, they must also do what you as a parent want for your kids and home. Always state what you expect from them. Do not assume that every caregiver possesses the same skill sets and ideals. Some may prefer to incorporate their ideas and some want very direct instruction from you.  You need to know which style meets your needs.   Always be very clear about your expectations and provide frequent meaningful feedback. Keeping the lines of communication open will reduce frustrations for both parties.

  1. The issue of a raise

This is always a very sensitive topic as it can sound unprofessional on the caregiver’s part since you already had an agreement on the pay rate.  This should be handled in a professional manor and handled as it would be in any business.  Regular performance reviews will help you determine if the raise is valid and if the caregiver truly deserves it.  You can also rate them in terms of duties and expectations as well as the progress they have made with your kids and home in general. It is the easiest way to solve the situation amicably without ruining the working relationship you have or your name.

  1. Work schedule

Routines are a key factor in your families’ success and productivity.  Take some time to sit down with your care provider and lay out a detailed schedule.  This draws a very clear picture of your expectations and prevents things from getting missed. Consistency will make this transition much smoother and will ease everyone’s anxiety.

Working as a team with your care provider to make the daily schedules/routines allows for a fantastic communication opportunity.  Be open to hearing some ideas and thoughts about what is working well in the plan and what is a struggle and make the necessary adjustments.

Remember that a schedule also determines how your kids behave, grow up, perform at school and even relate to you. It can also give you time as a parent to engage with your kids no matter how busy you are with work.

  1. Setting boundaries

Building an open relationship with your provider is key to the success of the relationship.  With that you also need to be cautious to maintain the relationship as a professional one.  It is very easy to cross that line when someone is in your home every day.  You should have the expectation of privacy and professionalism from your care provider as you would your doctor.

Trust is important in any relationship and the foundation to building this trust is instillation of very clear boundaries.


At the need of it all, it is all about constant communication even with the guidelines in place. Do not assume that everything is going on well at home. You can also double check so that your role as a parent is not also delegated to the caregiver.

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Things to Consider When Determining What to Pay Your Babysitter

A babysitter often has loads of responsibilities especially if it involves taking care of one child. You can only imagine if other chores related to the house or child are added.

When it comes to hiring a babysitter, Sitycare is the ideal place to look for a list of potential babysitters in accordance to your search. The list often contains their skills, experience, age as well as their rates per hour. It is now up to you to determine what you can pay or the rate that you can work with.

Keep in mind  that you are trusting someone else with your child, so pay accordingly. You can always determine your rate according to their experience as well as extra responsibilities tasked to them.

Here are a few more things to consider when determining how much you can pay your babysitter.

1.     Experience of a Potential Babysitter

  With experience often comes quality. Always consider a person’s experience and skill set when making these kinds of decisions. You can also read on some of the reviews left by other parents to determine if the requested pay rate is justified.

2.  Additional Responsibilities of the Babysitter

You should expect to pay more when the babysitter will be tasked with more responsibilities outside of childcare. Some of the additional responsibilities can range from household chores or laundry and transportation of the kids. If you are expecting a babysitter and housekeeper in one so the rate of pay should reflect that. Sitycare also offers housekeeping services but we recommend you look at people with housekeeping and babysitting skills and experience to save time and a bit of cash.

3. The Number of Kids and their Age

You should consider the number of kids you want to be taken care of as well as their age group. The higher the demand level of the child/children the higher the level of compensation.  Kids with special behavioral demands also requires a specialized skill set and the rate of compensation should always match the level of experience and demand. Make sure you opt for a babysitter with the required skill set and experience to take care of the needs of your children.

4. Location

Urban areas tend to charge more for babysitting compared to rural areas. But you can always double check. And always try to choose a babysitter within your locality. This makes it easier to do a background check offline by asking your neighbors or anyone who has used them or Sitycare services.

5. Special Occasions

You should also try and pay your sitter more, no matter their usual rates on special holidays like valentines. It is just a sign of appreciation but it can go a long way into building your bond with her/him.


Always compensate appropriately for the service being offered and give tips and show appreciation every chance you get. Kids are no joke and babysitters often require a certain skill set to handle them no matter the age group.

Log in to Sitycare and start hiring some of our babysitters now, they are competent and trustworthy.

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