No Child Left Behind: What It Means For Parents

When it comes your children’s education, you need to be as informed as possible. For those not familiar with The No Child Left Behind Act, here is some helpful info! You’ll have a better understanding on what the landmark education reform law is about

Improving Academic Performance


The No Child Left Behind Act aims to improve academic performance and close the achievement gap. Disadvantaged children, minority students and disabled kids are treated differently from peers. The law aims to make education equal in the richest neighborhoods to the poorest. This way so all children have a chance at a better education.

The law measures student performance in order to see what children are falling behind. It then aims to provide extra attention and resources to those who might be falling behind no matter their background. Under this act, schools get federal money that will help teach these disadvantaged kids. The school also has an “Adequate Yearly Progress” in a variety of subjects, including math and reading arts.

But if a school doesn’t reach its goals, it will get more help and another chance to succeed. A school is labeled “in need of improvement” if goals aren’t reached. Then, after the is school evaluated, more resources are sent to help improve the education of its disadvantaged students.

Parent Need To Be Aware Of Their School’s Standings

The public gets a list of underachieving schools each year. Parents should pay attention to the list to see their school’s standings. If their school is on the list, parents can check about free tutoring or after-school classes that their children could be eligible for. Or they might even be able to transfer their children to a better performing school if desired.

Parents can also be more active in their child’s education by enforcing attendance, supervising after school homework and creating educational goals. This way, parents are always in the know regarding their children’s education. They’ll also be less likely to see their kids left behind in school.

Although The No Child Left Behind Act is a step in the right direction for our children’s education, parents need to do their part, too. It’s ultimately up to the parents to play a larger role in the educational success of their children.