How to Act on a First Date

Feeling excited about your first date with that super cool person you met online? Well, we’re pretty sure you are! On the flip side, heading out of the house to meet your date can be a bit nerve-wracking, and that’s totally fine — we’re all humans, right?

That said, you’ll want to figure out how to deal with the inevitable anxiety that comes along with the first-date territory — doing this will ensure that you a great time and that’s huge. Also, if you have kids, you may want to get a babysitter to look after them — the good thing is, you can hire one here at Sitycare!

First Things First: Be Yourself

Now that you’re set for your first date, it’s in your best interest to relax and be yourself. The thing is, you’re unlikely to go far in the relationship if you act like someone you’re not. How? Well, there’s a good chance that your date may fall in with love with that someone and you won’t be able to keep up with the act forever! As you probably guessed, dishonesty will lead to breakups, and that’s not part of the plan.

Also, try not to force yourself on anyone. In essence, if being the real you doesn’t work out, you can move on with your life and hopefully, find the one for you!

See It As Gambling

Now, it’s not just any gambling but gambling at poker. There’s no doubt that a pretty good bluff can win you a few hands, but you’re unlikely to win World Series of Poker that way; you’ll want to give your best to win the cash!

The same applies to dating — making things up to impress the person may not end well for you; they’ll eventually discover the truth and back out.

It’s sure to be an excellent idea to remember the things you both chatted or talked about when you last spoke and see if you can find a thing or two that may help you decide where to go for your date. Didn’t find enough information? Well, don’t back out now — just throw the dice and of course, hope you don’t crap out!


Try not to make your first date a big deal — just act natural and have a good time. The thing is, you’re most likely to make a jerk of yourself when you’re not calm and relaxed. Feeling a bit nervous before the date? Just take a few deep breaths and see how things work out for you. If that doesn’t cut it, you may want to have a glass of wine — this should help calm your nerves and keep things on track.

Key Takeaways For A Successful First Date

  • First off, take the person to a nice place — just be sure that it’s quiet enough to hear each other during those precious moments. Also, there should be few other distractions for those awkward moments.
  • Never make the mistake of taking him or her to your regular hangout; more like the spot where you spend time with your friends. Why? Well, they’re likely to feel out of place, and that’s not good — you wouldn’t want him or her to resent you, right?
  • You’ll also want to have the entire night planned out prior to the date and also have a backup plan should things go south. It’s also great to make things look like it wasn’t planned — just be spontaneous! For example, you can make it look like the idea of taking her for a walk on the beach right after dinner wasn’t planned — pretty sure you get the point!
  • Want to go for your first kiss? Just take his or her hand while walking on the beach (this will create a physical    connection) and go for it!

Bottom Line

Always have it at the back of your mind that dating is pretty much like gambling. There are times when you’re going to get a bad hand, but the good thing is, you’re likely to find the right person if you play your cards right. Good luck!

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