Baby Clothes and Money Saving Shopping Tips For New Parents

Kids aren’t cheap. There are diapers to buy, clothes, baby essentials and the like and if you’re not careful, the expenses can really add up. But that doesn’t mean you can find great steals and budget friendly options when it comes to baby gear – you just need to know where to look! Buying baby clothes isn’t as easy as finding the lowest price possible, and you should be aware of a few things in order to get the most from your hard earned money. Apply these tips on how to shop for baby clothes and you’ll score big!

  1. Always shop the sale or clearance section first

Whenever you head to the store or look online, always look at the sale or clearance section before you go to the regular styles. You never know what sort of amazing deals you’ll find in these sections. You’ll most likely find similar items you’re looking for! And the great thing is that they’re less expensive that what you would have paid otherwise, allowing your dollar to go much further.


  1. Check out consignment and second-hand shops

If you really want a great deal on baby clothes and don’t want to spend a lot, consignment and second hand stores will have everything you need at great prices. These clothes are gently worn and are still in very good condition. You’ll pay a quarter of the price if you were to buy new, so you’ll be able to buy more pieces.


  1. Facebook marketplace

You’d be surprised at just what amazing deals and finds there are on Facebook’s marketplace features. You can literally find anything on here, including lots of baby clothes. Many parents sell their old baby clothes for cheap, allowing you to score some amazing finds at affordable prices.


  1. Facebook buy/sell/trade groups

The latest thing on Facebook is buy/sell/trade (b/s/t) groups. There are groups for a variety of clothing brands and all you have to do is join the ones you like. From there, parents will post their baby clothes for sale and you simply claim by leaving your email address that associated with your PayPal account. They’ll then ship the items in the mail after you’ve paid.